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Virtual Yoga Single Class

Yin Yoga is a slower paced yoga where you hold the postures for longer. By holding the postures for longer it allows time to go deeper into the tissues of the body, the fascia and targets the joints, helping to improve mobility and flexibility. The slower pace provides the opportunity to practice and develop a deeper level of mindfulness.


Once you make your purchase, we will be in contact to book your dates.


Virtual Yoga Single Class

  • Days:
    Wednesdays 8:00 - 9:00pm
    Subject to availability.

    1hr 15m


  • If you wish to cancel or change a single class booking or a class pass booking please allow at least 24 hours notice before the class is due to start or before the first class of a class pass to receive a refund.

    If a single class or class pass booking is cancelled or changed with less than 24 hours notice no refund will be offered.

    If you need to cancel please contact Lorna directly by phone, email or text. Likewise Lorna is responsible for notifying the client of any cancellation and changes and will do so as early as possible.

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